Preparation tips: for the bride

The bride should be perfect in everything: from appearance to mood. A few tips for future Montenegrin brides.

It is natural for every bride to prepare for the wedding: diets and masks to be slim and well-groomed, dyed hair roots and nails with wedding design, smooth legs and pedicure. Eyes look charmingly with eyelash extension done by a trusted specialist (with recommendation), the eyes are more expressive in photos and your rest on non-wedding days becomes even more pleasant when there is no need to do makeup.

In addition to your appearance it is important to remember about your mood. We advise you to find out all the main questions and details about organizing a wedding before arrival, come to Montenegro at least 2-3 days before the ceremony, so that you can rest and sleep, tune in to a fabulous day, relax and have fun.

Brides often pay a lot of attention to the choice of hairstyle and makeup - we suggest following advice of professionals. We discuss the wishes for hairstyle and makeup in great detail before coming to Montenegro, so that by the arrival it is already obvious to the bride and the stylist how exactly the hairstyle and makeup will be done.

We recommend to use advice of a wedding stylist (our or your own), he/she will help you to choose clothes and accessories that are harmoniously combined with each other, taking into account individual characteristics of your body type and appearance, which will harmoniously fit into the overall style of the wedding. Also, a stylist will advise hairstyle and makeup for the bride, a suit for the groom and a morning boudoir for the bride. If desired, a stylist can recommend or select specific brands, clothing models, taking into account the budget and the city where you live.

If on the wedding day you plan to move from place to place and walk, it is desirable to have a change of shoes for the bride and women guests, as wearing high-heels all day can be exhausting. Montenegro is famous for its nature and ancient cities, the streets are often lined with stone, very often places for ceremonies and photo sessions are clearings, natural terraces and view points.