Wedding in Montenegro and other European countries – similarities and differences

In Europe it is common to prepare for the wedding half a year-year in advance, in Montenegro you can prepare for a wedding in 2-3 months. For smaller ceremonies we can prepare in a shorter period of time. This is due to the fact that in European countries, because of a large number of weddings, it is necessary to book in advance: time in the municipality, a banquet hall, a photographer, performers etc. In Montenegro, the number of municipalities per person is bigger than in other countries and local residents prefer to get married in autumn, so in summer almost any date is available. In addition, registrars work 7 days a week and can travel to almost any place. While in some European countries municipalities do not offer official outdoor ceremonies at all.

Documents for the official registration of marriage in Montenegro do not have to be filed in a month, two weeks in advance are enough, but the availability of your chosen date and time will depend on the workload of Montenegrin municipality.

If the proposal was made in spring, it is not at all necessary to postpone the wedding to the next year, it’s quite realistic to prepare and organize such a significant event the same summer.

The program of the day can also consist of an official part, a walk and a banquet. The newlyweds decide in what order and how the day will be planned. We will be happy to advise a convenient route of travel, a venue for a ceremony and a banquet and how to occupy guests during a photo walk.

The program of the day does not have to be rich in activities, as amazing nature and extraordinary journey add a lot to the overall impression.

In Montenegro in the summer it is preferred to hold banquets on open terraces so that the participants of the celebration enjoy not only the holiday, but also the views and fresh Adriatic air.

We advise you to make your wedding more refined and sophisticated by avoiding balloons and artificial flowers. Traditional ceremonies can harmoniously fit into the wedding celebration program in Montenegro.

If you are expecting more than 15 guests, we recommend that you invite a host for at least 2-3 hours, this will help create a friendly, positive atmosphere, guests will have a chance to get acquainted as some of them might see each other for the first time and thus to organize a party in an interesting, quality and fun way.