Preparation tips for the bride

Wedding style and decor

Before discussing the design of your wedding with the decorator, we advise the brides to get acquainted with different styles, see a number of photos on the Internet and determine what exactly resonates with you, make a selection of 10-15 photos so that conversation with the decorator is efficient from the start as it is clear what ideas will be suitable to propose. If you have some difficulty in determining the style of the wedding, the color scheme - please contact us, we will help you to decide.

Guest organization

To facilitate the logistics of transfer for the guests on a wedding day and optimize its cost, it is better to try to accommodate guests next to each other, at least within the same city. We will select the best accommodation option for you and your guests. If you want to organize accommodation yourself, we advise you to consult with us.

We suggest the participants of the ceremony (newlyweds and bridesmaids, parents, friends and everyone who wants) using services of stylists. It is nice when not only the newlyweds look beautiful in the photos and video, but also their guests. It is worth thinking about before your arrival in Montenegro and booking the required number of stylists.

In summer conditions for maintaining a beautiful appearance are not the easiest: the sun makes cheeks rosy and skin shiny, everyone has different skin condition - professional cosmetics successfully cope with this. Hair stylists know specifics of working in a hot humid climate, they will do the hairstyle in a way that it will last as long as needed.

If you ordered a professional photo and video shooting, then we strongly recommend for the guests not to take photos with phones, tablets and personal cameras during the ceremony. In any case, everyone will receive better photos and videos from professionals, while raised hands with telephones and moving guests during the ceremony will spoil the beauty of the moment and this will remain in photos and video. It is beautiful when all the guests sit and enjoy the ceremony and do not jump up, run up, raise their hands with the phones.

Among your guests choose a person responsible for organizing the rest of the guests, for example, stylists arrives in the morning and someone is still sleeping or gone for breakfast, although the time was specified in advance. Stylists can’t wake up or search for strangers at their breakfast. Or, say, you ordered a part of the services yourself, not with us - then there must be someone who will supervise it. Most often the bridesmaid and best man are chosen to be responsible for it.

If you are planning a boat or a yacht trip and someone is afraid of feeling sick, then it makes sense to prepare for it only if the trip will be in the open sea as in the Bay of Kotor there are practically no waves.

The bride should be perfect in everything: from appearance to mood

It is natural for every bride to prepare for the wedding: diets and masks to be slim and well-groomed, dyed hair roots and nails with wedding design, smooth legs and pedicure. Eyes look charmingly with eyelash extension done by a trusted specialist (with recommendation), the eyes are more expressive in photos and your rest on non-wedding days becomes even more pleasant when there is no need to do makeup.

In addition to your appearance it is important to remember about your mood. We advise you to find out all the main questions and details about organizing a wedding before arrival, come to Montenegro at least 2-3 days before the ceremony, so that you can rest and sleep, tune in to a fabulous day, relax and have fun.

Brides often pay a lot of attention to the choice of hairstyle and makeup - we suggest following advice of professionals. We discuss the wishes for hairstyle and makeup in great detail before coming to Montenegro, so that by the arrival it is already obvious to the bride and the stylist how exactly the hairstyle and makeup will be done.

We recommend to use advice of a wedding stylist (our or your own), he/she will help you to choose clothes and accessories that are harmoniously combined with each other, taking into account individual characteristics of your body type and appearance, which will harmoniously fit into the overall style of the wedding. Also, a stylist will advise hairstyle and makeup for the bride, a suit for the groom and a morning boudoir for the bride. If desired, a stylist can recommend or select specific brands, clothing models, taking into account the budget and the city where you live.

If on the wedding day you plan to move from place to place and walk, it is desirable to have a change of shoes for the bride and women guests, as wearing high-heels all day can be exhausting. Montenegro is famous for its nature and ancient cities, the streets are often lined with stone, very often places for ceremonies and photo sessions are clearings, natural terraces and view points.

Do not forget about the preparation for the groom

Often while preparing for the weddings brides think only about their own appearance and dress totally forgetting about the groom’s style. We recommend preparing the groom’s appearance so that his suit matches the style of the wedding and the look of the bride: sandals, T-shirt and jeans are unacceptable. Only if the bride looks exactly the same way :)

If the bride regularly goes to a solarium, it is worth taking the groom there too, to have some tan, otherwise it can look like coffee with cream on photos. Of course, it's great when the groom’s skin is clean and shaven, or a beard or mustache is well-groomed. If there are skin problems, a stylist can also conceal them for the groom before the wedding. Close up shots of hands, rings and close portraits are often taken at weddings. If desired, the bride can take the groom with her to a beautician and beauty salon and consult with a stylist on the choice of clothing.

Before the photo session the groom should be well-rested and not hungry; there is no way to draw a good mood in Photoshop. The guarantee of a man’s good mood is full stomach. For this he needs to eat well in the morning, take something to eat with him or plan a stop for a snack.

Appearance of the guests

We suggest dressing up the bridesmaids and the groom’s friends, if not in the same clothes, then at least in the same color scheme and style. Take care of appearance of the guests, tell them about the color palette of the wedding, the overall style and ask them to fit in. When at a wedding in pastel shades there is someone in a poisonous pink or green - it doesn’t look beautiful.

Depending on the wedding budget, you can style your guests: small bouquets in the hands of bridesmaids, flower bracelets, small flower wreaths, boutonnieres on vests or jackets of the groom’s friends look great. Please note that a boutonniere is placed on the lapel and not in your pocket. Sometimes instead of accessories it’s a good idea to give your guests something in the style of wedding to hold in hands.

Car for rent

If you rent a car for your wedding day, we advise you to hire a driver too for several reasons: the roads in Montenegro are mountainous, winding and sometimes narrow, it is forbidden to drink alcohol or be intoxicated not only for the driver, but also for the passenger in the front seat, and the most important thing is that the driver takes responsibility for the safety of the vehicle - save yourself from possible unpleasant situations, besides, if you rent a car and plan to drive yourself, then almost all rental car owners take in the deposit of 300-500 euros.

Owners of rental cars are not inclined to book convertibles for 1 day, because this is a very popular transport on the coast, which can easily be rented for 1-2 weeks. We will do everything possible so that the car you ordered is provided to you or we will offer a replacement.

Banquet decor

Festive decor of the tables at the banquet looks very beautiful, when flower arrangements and candles occupy the central part of the table, each dish is brought individually, this helps the tables to remain beautiful throughout the evening. We suggest limiting the number of drinks, avoiding drinks in plastic bottles and not putting lots of food and drinks in the center of the table to make the table look richer.

There is no need to try to please every guest and order for everyone what he/she loves or is used to eating, especially if you expect 20-40 guests. In Montenegro, everything is delicious, it will be enough to order 1-2 types of banquet menus (fish and meat). Of course, you can make exceptions for vegetarians and those who have allergies, as well as order children’s menu options. It is better to ask your guests about it in advance. The portions are large, the banquet menu, designed by the restaurant, is enough for the whole evening. If you need, you can always order extra during the banquet. In our experience it never happened that the guests were hungry, but it was so that more than half of the food remained after banquet. If you want to provide guests with a choice of hot dishes and salads, a good solution would be a buffet, in most restaurants it can be arranged.


If you are planning a busy day with walks, photo sessions and an evening 5-6 hours banquet with a program, we recommend that you schedule 1-1.5 hours before the banquet for your rest and rest for your guests. It is often much more convenient to plan a ceremony and a banquet after lunch, so that in the first half of the day guests are on their own and the newlyweds can take pictures without worrying about what the guests are doing and whether they are full.

Montenegro is a beautiful country with fantastic views, ancient towns, amazing atmosphere. It can be enjoyed endlessly. If your guests visit Montenegro for the first time, it will be enough to organize a boat trip or a trip along the coast with stops, it is not necessary to organize a host and musicians and other program during your walk, we assure, your guests will not be bored, they will enjoy the scenery and views of the sea.

Time when guests wait for the arrival of bride and groom before the ceremony or before the banquet can be filled by animators, meme who will entertain the guests and will not let them get bored. In a playful form they will help to seat the guests or help them stand in certain places, organize.

Air lanterns are becoming increasingly popular as a spectacular conclusion to a wedding evening. We are strongly opposed to self-made fire entertainment. Montenegro has a special feature: mountains are located close to the sea, in summer especially when there is no rain for a long time, it becomes dangerous to use fire because of the possibility of forest fires. Sea breeze can easily pick up air lantern and carry it to the mountains, where fires are extinguished only from the air, so if your air lantern accidentally becomes a cause of fire, this can lead to a large fine, not to mention significant damage to nature. Small privately launched fireworks are officially banned in the country, it is only possible to order professional fireworks.

Why is a video better than a wedding movie?

Each couple wants to have a video in their archive on which the wedding is shown as a fairy tale that they want to watch again and again, show it to friends and relatives. To do this, you need to collect the most vivid and memorable moments, as in a movie trailer and leave room for imagination. It is a five-minute video that does this task better than a three-hour film.

Turn-key wedding abroad

Save time and money by ordering a turn-key wedding. We will select the best flight options and offer you air tickets at group rates, choose accommodation, a restaurant for a banquet, tell you where you can save, arrange transfers on the wedding day, meet you at the airport and take you to the airport at the end of your trip. Through cooperation with tour companies, hotels, villas and restaurants, we can negotiate discounts. We can organize both a wedding ceremony and your entire vacation - a wedding tour to Montenegro.

How to save even more

If you want to arrange a getting ready photo video session in a beautiful hotel room and save on accommodation, you can rent a room for several hours just for the shooting. Unfortunately, you can’t book a room for a few hours in advance.

If you plan a sweet or snack table during a banquet, then you can order 2-3 times less portions than the number of guests, as this will be an addition to the main banquet menu.

There are free venues for ceremonies.

It looks beautiful when the newlyweds walk down the aisle and they are showered with rose petals, but it is not at all necessary to give little bags with petals to all the guests, it will be enough to distribute them to guests who sit in the aisle.

If you invite guests to the ceremony after lunch and right after the ceremony there will be a banquet, then you do not need to organize leisure and meals for guests during the day.

If you accommodate guests within walking distance to the restaurant and the venue of the ceremony, then you do not need to organize a transfer.

Organizing a wedding from October to the end of April will also save you money - flight, accommodation and the services of our agency will be cheaper. Montenegro is a warm country in autumn and spring too, if not overcast, the temperature may well be comfortable 15-18 degrees above zero.

If we are organizing a banquet and accommodation for all guests in one place, then we agree on a discount.

If you order a photo and video shooting from our full-time photographer and videographer, there will be a discount.