We, Kuznetsov Ivan and Catherine - founders, organizers, the main driving and ideological force of a creative workshop for creating beautiful weddings in Montenegro Komilfo.

Professionals in our field, we approach organization of each wedding with warm heart and cool head, which allows our 5 year agency to confidently occupy a leading place among the wedding agencies of Montenegro.


We came to Montenegro in 2011 with a dream of living and working by the sea, raising children in an ecologically clean place with culture and values ​​that are close to us.

The first year we were engaged only in filming of weddings and were very disappointed with the design of weddings by local agencies and studios. We wanted to shoot fabulously decorated weddings, stylish, creative, interestingly organized in a beautiful place. After all, the wedding industry does not stand still, constantly generating new original ideas on the organization, design, shooting, etc. In Montenegro, time seemed to stop at the beginning of the 90s, artificial flowers, paper ribbons, artificial grass instead of a path were used in the design and so on in a similar style, rather primitive.

So the idea was born to organize our own agency.

We have assembled a team and opened a company for organizing holidays LLC Komilfo, we work openly and officially.


Catherine is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia and a member of the international Union of Photo Artists of Russia and the United States. She will always recommend the best time to hold the ceremony in each particular place, the best time for a photo shoot in different locations, taking into account the light, color of the sea, the position of the sun, etc. to create a perfect picture of your holiday. Catherine also has education of a stylist: she was trained by the leading stylist of Siberia, Denis Gorbunov ("Factory of Stylists", "School of Stylists Persona") and received an international certificate of training from Nina Gorlushko, a world-class make-up artist. That allows her to professionally prepare models for shooting, personally engage in the selection of stylists for brides, their guests and various projects. Ivan deals with most organizational tasks and does it quickly and efficiently. He has a professional career as a musician, photographer, videographer. Ivan will help make your wedding unforgettable and will make sure that the ceremony is held as comfortable as possible for you.


We are perfectionists, write down all the plans and scenarios in advance, cover details and discuss the nuances of the wedding day. Our customers peacefully enjoy the holiday.

*We provide the highest quality services.** We work only with the best, proven stylists (some come for the season from abroad), order cakes and sweets from the best confectioners, select only the most interesting music bands, work with proven hosts and DJs. And to choose a florist-decorator, we hold a casting among talented professionals who want to work with us. At the end of this casting, we invite an employee to us for the entire wedding season. We consider the quality decoration of the wedding one of its main parts, so we are serious about choosing such a specialist.

We strive to make each celebration unique, while maintaining our high demands on taste in design. We are ready for experiments and new projects, for workshops and master classes.

We permanently live in Montenegro, speak Montenegrin. We always have finger on the pulse, keep track of all the changes and new proposals. It’s not possible to archive high quality of this work remotely and without knowing the language.

We focus on interesting projects, that will add to our portfolio and reviews. We do not seek to collect as many orders as possible. For each wedding, the organizer must be ready, materials and equipment prepared, service providers instructed and so on. The team must have time to relax to work on wedding days at 100%. In this regard, we do not hold more than one wedding per day and plan rest days between weddings, which respectively reduces the number of free dates for clients.

Our clients know in advance how much our work will cost. We work with the ready and checked packages of services, considering it as the minimum order. You can add services to the packages or opt out of anything in the package but the price will not change. At the same time, we are always ready to make discounts on our packages when holding a wedding out of season.

Weddings are not the only celebrations we organize. Birthdays, romantic evenings, professional photo shoots or promotional shots and much more.

We organize a banquet, accommodation, flight for clients free of charge. The secret is in commissions which are common for restaurants, hotels and travel companies for partners with whom they cooperate. There are exceptions to the rules, we always warn about this in advance.

For free we make a preliminary estimate with several options for filling the wedding day, select the venue and restaurant even before signing the contract with us. We work promptly and are always interested in solving customer issues: from global to the smallest detail.

We strive to ensure that our clients receive comfort in communication and in getting services and our clients appreciate it.